What to look for when hiring a Hampton Roads Portrait Photographer

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There are many different factors that should go into hiring a portrait photographer. This is the person that will be trusted with treasured family moments. These memories can continue to live on through the format of a photograph. It's important to hire the right person for the job. The biggest problem with hiring the right photographer is there is so many to choose from. Who is right for the job? Who will be comfortable to work with? How much will this investment cost me?

First contact

When a photographer is first contacted, it will probably be online. With all the advances in technology, a photographer would be behind the times without a website. The website should look professional with examples of the work being searched. If you are looking for a portrait photographer, this website should contain portraits. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, this website should contain examples of weddings. If you are searching for a family photographer, there should be family images there. The website says lots about a photographer’s work. Be sure to compare the websites to find the style that is right for you.


The style of images can be determined by color, lack of color, perspective, retouching, and more. Photographers develop styles because of habits that have been formed through the practice of the art of photography. Find a photographer that matches your taste and you are sure to be satisfied.


One of the biggest factors that should go into your decision should be friendliness. Working with people on a regular basis requires a photographer to have great social skills. Being comfortable is very important to an image. So, being comfortable around your photographer means a great connection. I usually like to connect with clients days before the photo shoot. This gives us both time to become familiar with each other. I also like to consider a client as a partner with the same goal of making stunning images. One of the biggest keys to making this happen is being comfortable with each other. 


Money is a topic that needs to be discussed when hiring a photographer. Many photographers hate to talk money because of the fear of losing potential clients. When there is a goal to make stunning images, this topic has to be addressed. Most consumers are looking for a bargain before they think about quality. Good service and quality products will always cost what you may not want to pay. But, Good service and quality should always be worth what you pay. With today’s economy, it’s hard to avoid looking for a bargain everywhere. Are you really getting a bargain when you pay less? Look for quality first and you may find that it is a bargain.


So, who is the right photographer for the job? The photographer that you feel comfortable with should be the right photographer for the job.