Top Ten Tuesday: Top Photography Books


I know that everyone's top photography books will be different depending on the person you ask. Well, let's pretend I'm the one you've asked. These are books that have helped me along my photographic journey. Every photographer needs some sort of guidance in there creative adventures. What better way to educate yourself in your craft than reading books from some of the best.








  • The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographersalways makes me laugh a little because of how I discovered it. This book was actually recommended to me by a photographer that I look up to. I was asking questions in a forum that I used to spend a lot of time in. My question concerned management of my files or images. I was told to “read the DAM book.” I was wondering why I was being spoken to in this manner. After thinking about it, I asked, “what book.” The DAM Book by Peter Krogh. This is a great guideline for managing your digital assets. I say guideline because workflow differs with every photographer. Read the DAM book!



  • The Digital Photography Book, Part 4is the fourth book in Scott Kelby's series of instructional photography books. I have read part 1-3, which are great books. I just purchased part 4 and I'm looking forward to Scott's style of teaching. I recommend this one because the other 3 in this series were great.

There are many books and videos that helped me on my photographic journey. I highly recommend educating yourself and always look to learn more.