Top Ten Tuesday: Top iOS Apps for Photographers


Top Ten Tuesday

Top iOS Apps for Photographers

Finding apps that will help you in your everyday activities, can lead you to a headache and apps that will be deleted soon. Today’s Top Ten, I will be listing the Top iOS apps that help me out on a day to day basis. So take a look at the list below. This may help your iOS device become a better companion.


  • Dropbox is a great tool that I have been using for a while now. Dropbox is a free service that allows you to never be without a file, photo, or document. Using Dropbox is a form of cloud computing, for those who are still clueless about the cloud. If you are not already using some sort of cloud computing, I highly suggest it for file sharing and backup. There are also other cloud services such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Sugarsync. They all offer free space to start you out. Research which fits your need and get on the cloud.
  • Instagram is an app that every photographer should at least try. I feel that it exercises my creativity. We all should be working on our craft as if we were students. Instagram is a very popular way to share images and be creative.
  • Google+ is the social network that I’ve been talking about and trying to get others to jump on since it was released. The photographers that are on Google+ are amazing. I can always find some kind of inspiration there. Because I use my iPad for so much, I was happy to see the new iPad app for Google+. I was really surprised at how different this app was from any other social media app I’ve seen. If you are not on Google+, I think you need to be there.
  • Camera+ is probably the best non-native iPhone camera app out right now. There are plenty of editing and share option. The functionality of this app will make you forget about the native iPhone camera app.
  • 500px app is where I go to check out some awesome photography from awesome photographers. Your 500px app can also be used as a portable portfolio.
  • Portfolio for iPad is another great way of showing your best images to potential clients or just showing off your work.

I hope I was able to help someone get started with apps that can be very useful. Thank you for checking out my Top iOS apps for photographers! As always leave your thoughts below.