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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten reasons A Photographer Will Not Take You As A Client

One of the benefit of being your own boss is you get to decide what clients you take on. As a photographer there are several reason to steer clear of certain potential clients. I’m sure the reasons will differ with each photographer. Here are my Top Ten Reasons to turn down a potential client.

  • No Call, No Show. When I don’t get a curtesy call for a session that is already scheduled, I feel that it’s a disrespect of my time. And we all know, time equates to money. My time is also valuable for many other reasons. The most important reasons is time with my family. If I’m "stood up" on a shoot, it is very rare that I will work with this client again. The best way to fix a situation that comes up and you cannot make a scheduled time, is to call and let the photographer know that your plans have changed. I know I am more likely to reschedule a shoot with a person that respect my time enough to let me know what’s going on. Also, all booking fees paid in advance are to be non-refundable.
  • Will Not Listen. In any type of photography shoot; it is key that you, as a client, listen. I like to think of a photo shoot as a collaboration. I’m working with the subject to create something great. So, communication is key. I always listen to a clients because another persons ideas may compliment my ideas. If there is no cooperation then there is no shoot.
  • Wants My Style to Look Like Another Photographer’s Style.  A lot of people look at photography online. They see photographs that they really like. Then, they try to hire a photographer to copy what they saw. There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from others. But, when I’m inspired from someone else’s work I bring my style. There is no way to get my work to look like another photographer’s work! And if you like another photographer's work, then hire that photographer. That's almost like buying a Honda and then try to make it look like a Toyota.
  • Will Not Sign A Release or Contract. Signing a release or a contract is just a matter of getting thing on paper. A model release is to be clear on copyright and usage. A contract is to make sure everyone involved is on the same page. A contract should contain information about what is included in the photo shoot, date and time, etc. Putting things on paper make for less confusion after the job is done.
  • Does Not Respect Business Hours. Most businesses have hours of operation. If there is a set time to except phone calls or make appointments, then you should honor those times. There are reasons for the set times. A photographer is a very busy person, believe it or not. Those hours could be set for personal time or family time.
  • Takes Advantage of My Kindness. I consider myself a pretty kind individual. I bring that kindness to my business. But sometime kindness can be taken as a weakness. Because I'm a nice guy does not mean you will get something for free. But I do believe in taking care of a good client.
  • Rude Attitude. I think attitude is really important in anything you do.  "Your attitude determines your altitude." -Steve Harvey   Bad attitudes don't get far with me at all. I feel that a client and I are working together. There is no room for any attitudes when working with me. There is only room for fun and creativity.
  • Shopping By Price. In today's suffering economy, everyone is looking for a bargain. But if you are looking for lot and want to pay minimum, remember, you get what you pay for. If a potential client reveals to me that price is more important than quality, it's hard for me to take them seriously.
  • Expecting Photoshop Miracles. Photoshop and other editing tools are essential to a photographer. But when a client asks for things like removal of braces, make them thinner, etc. All of this things may be possible but not easy. There is always the chance that the client will not like the results. I'm a photographer not a plastic surgeon.
  • Gossiper. Rumors get started easy, especially with the growth of social media. Be truthful about your photographer!
My Attitude

My Attitude

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