Why You Should Purchase The New iPad!


The Carrier

I ended up getting the 16GB  with AT&T 4G LTE. Why did I go with AT&T? I simply went with AT&T because of the data plan, which is better than Verizon’s $30 2GB data plan. With AT&T, I get 1Gb more for $30. The speeds are near the same, am I really going to notice a difference between the two?

The Storage

I also went with the 16GB model because of cloud computing. I didn’t use up 16GB on the 32GB model first generation, so I went with the smaller one this time to save a little. Using the iCloud and Dropbox the way I do, 16GB should be plenty for my productivity and photography.

The Difference

The difference between the first generation iPad and the third generation iPad are amazing. Of course the first noticeable difference is the Retina display. Most people have been comparing the new iPad with the iPad 2. Well, there’s even more of a difference in comparison to the first generation. After looking at the new iPad display for a while, the iPad 1 display truly doesn’t look as good. My photos almost look like prints on this display. This is probably the closet you can get to a print without actually being a print.

There is also an amazing speed difference between the two tablets. 1GB of RAM is a huge jump from what was in the iPad 1. There seemed to be a lag in some of the tasks I performed on the iPad 1. The new iPad is so much smoother making it such a important part of my productivity.

Because of the advancement of apps these days, some of them don’t work on the iPad 1. The most recent app that I’ve discovered incompatibility with the iPad 1 is the new iPhoto app. Now that I’m able to use this app on the new iPad, who knows what I will be able to accomplish with the features of iPhoto.

The camera, I haven’t spent much time with because I’m not too sure if I want to take pictures with the iPad. The camera is a plus because the first generation is lacking such optics. I’ve taken a few pictures with the new iPad and I am impressed. The camera is comparable to the iPhone 4S camera. Although I can’t see myself taking many photos with the iPad camera, it’s a step up and may come in handy if I’m not around any other camera. One more camera can never be a bad thing!

Microphone…  The iPad 1 didn’t have a microphone, so that’s another big plus when using Skype, FaceTime, and other apps that use voice.



The Heat

Umm…  I don’t get it! I don’t understand why so many people are complaining about the extra heat that is felt at the bottom lower left hand corner of the new iPad. I either got lucky and purchased one with less heat or I have oven mitts for hands. The big fuss about the over heating problem seems to be quite a myth to me. Yes of course it gets a little warm because of the larger battery and the extra pixels in the display. Maybe, I just got lucky because there were some people that had temperatures above 100 degrees. So far, I have had no problems with heat during continuous use. Lucky!

Should you purchase the new iPad?

In my opinion…  If you have an iPad 2, it will probably be a lot harder to make the decision to purchase the new iPad. If you have the first generation iPad, the decision is a lot simpler. A faster, smoother, more up-to-date, and better iPad will satisfy all of your photography, business, and productivity needs.

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