Post Production Tip: Fix It In The Camera / by Algernon Parker


Post Production Tip: Fix It In The Camera  

Post Production is one of the most important processes in making a photograph. When making a photograph, post production can be very tedious and time consuming. Post production is necessary in order to review your image and tweak the image for your final version. Sort of like a rough draft that comes out of the camera and it is perfected in post processing. Well...  I say perfected but imperfections can also make an image stunning.

The birth of an image begins in the mind of a photographer. When the photographer sees what she/he wants to capture, then it’s born. As the photographer looks through the viewfinder there are several things that goes on in her/his mind. Or should I say, there are several things that should be going on in her/his mind.



What is my white balance set to? This is one of the first things a photographer should ask when that image is born. I know many photographers shoot RAW image files and can fix white balance in post processing. Isn’t it more efficient to fix it at birth? If the white balance is correct from the start then that’s less work for later.

Is my exposure correct? When you are creating the image in your head, you should also be thinking about getting the exposure correct. Check the meter as you frame the image in your viewfinder. Make sure the correct exposure is shown on the meter. In order to get a correct exposure sometimes it is necessary to look at the LCD screen or the histogram. Fix the exposure in the camera and that’s less work later.

What’s in the background? This is a very important question that every photographer should ask before pressing the shutter release button on their camera. When your idea is born and you look through the viewfinder, you should see something close to what is in your head. Take a look at what is in the background. The background of a photo can make or break a photo. Is there trash in the background? Do you want that tree in the background? How is the background lit? These are all great questions to ask yourself when making an image and fixing it in the camera. If there is something you don’t want in your frame fix your crop in the camera. It’s less work later.

Are there any distracting shadows? You should always pay attention to your subjects face, think of it as the face of your image. If you are using natural lighting, just take a look at where the light and shadows fall on your subjects face. If there is something distracting, move your subject according to the light. If you are using strobes or speedlights, either move your subject or move your light. Keep an idea of any blemishes or spots that you may have to deal with in post production. This way, your final inspection will be simple because you will remember spots and blemishes. Pay attention and fix it in camera. It’s less work later.

If there is anything that could possibly be fixed in the camera, it only benefits you to fix it right away. Work smarter, not harder! Fix it in the camera!

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