Photographing Your Kids

Joshua at the tennis court...

Photographing children can be a very challenging task for any photographer. I’ve never been comfortable with handling small children or newborn babies. Kids love to move around and explore their surroundings. This is one of the things that make photographing kids really challenging. Little ones operate in concrete thought. So it might be hard to get them to cooperate during a shoot.

My children are my kid models, they are used to being around the camera. Even though they are around the camera very often, cooperation is still a challenge. I didn’t have a lot of photographs done when I was a kid. My kids are lucky to have a photographer for a dad, I guess. I make sure I photograph them as much as I can. They will always be able to look back on their childhood moments. I will always continue to make these moments memorable for them.

Posing Kids

Child in motion

Child in motion

The best pose I’ve found that works for my kids is to not posing them at all. Catching them in their own environment is an art in itself. I would usually have my camera with me when I’m at the park with them. The playground ends up being my studio on the go. Most of the time I use available light because of how much they move around. It's just easier to follow them around without flash. When I can catch them being fairly still, I grab my Nikon SB-900 to add some drama. I try to make sure that they are looking in my direction or being active. Also, I like to be at their level must of the time. We all see kids from the standing position. So, a picture standing over a child is nothing new. If possible, get down to their level. The best poses for young kids are not posed in their environment.


If your kids are anything like mine, behavior can be a problem when photographing them. Sometimes when photographing my daughter, she doesn’t want to cooperate at all. When she knows I’m photographing her, she will look away. I guess it’s a little game she likes to play because daddy is always pointing that camera. The best way I have found to handle this is to be discreet or be invisible to her. If she doesn’t see me I am usually able to catch her in her environment. My son likes to make faces when the camera is aimed at him. The best way to handle this is to offer him something. Yes, I bribe my son…lol

The many faces of a child

The many faces of a child

The Finished Product

Photographs of kids are made to share with others, and shown to the kids when they are older. A picture is worth a thousand words, a thousand pictures tell stories that are amazing. Share these stories on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Making prints for family members are great gifts for the holidays or anytime. A photo book is my favorite product to create when creating images of my kids. A photo book is a lasting memory. Strategically placed photos in a book make a great book.

If you have a camera and kids, you should have thousand of images of them. This is great practice for photographers and memories for everyone. Make photographing your kids a lasting memory.

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