Nikon D800... Finally


Got one now what?

I have had my eye on this camera, since it was first announced in February 2012. Over a year has past, and I have had lots of time to research the Nikon D800. I have read reviews, watched YouTube videos, and viewed work from this camera. I have even considered the Nikon D4 as an upgrade from my Nikon D700. What do I do now that I have the D800? The answer to that question is simple. SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT! This powerful tool that I have finally acquired, inspires me to shoot more. This is not the Nikon flagship of cameras, but I feel that the D4 was not the right camera for me. There has been much talk about the speed of the D4 and the ISO performance. I shoot portraits and weddings, so ISO could become a factor. Speed is not a main concern of mine, and the D800 performs well in low light.

Initial thoughts

When I opened the box, I noticed that the D800 felt very similar to the D700. The weight is similar, and the way it feels in my hand is very familiar. Of course the Nikon menu is what I am used to after shooting Nikon for four years.


It may just be the newness feel of this camera, but the viewfinder really feels and looks bigger. The D700 only has 95% coverage in the viewfinder. I never paid much attention to how much of the scene saw from the D700 viewfinder. It was a flaw in the D700 that I ignored because of the ISO performance. It's very useful to be able to see everything!

Continuous rate

The D800 is really slow when it comes to continuous rate. Compared to the D700’s 8 fps with the MB-D10 battery grip, it's much slower. Without the battery grip, the D700 shoots 5 fps. The D800 shoots 4 fps. Not much to say about that. When I am in need of speed, I will be using the D700 with the grip.


The performance of the D800 is unbelievable. I could not help but think the noise performance would suck, because of the amount of pixels on the sensor. The noise performance was surprisingly good. This camera is a joy to shoot! The D800 has made the D700 an immediate backup camera.


Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.56.04 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.56.04 PM

Until now, I could not imagine having the type of resolution that the D800 has. Just knowing that I am using a camera that is comparable to a medium format camera is exciting. I am a firm believer that my crop should be correct when the picture is made. But... I am human. If I happen to miss a shot or fail to crop as planned, I have plenty of room to fix the crop in post production. The size of the files allow a major crop to still have enough pixels to make a respectable print.

Great First Look

This camera has be nothing but impressive. I enjoy shooting with it and I am sure it will be an essential tool for my work. I will continue to shoot and post examples. Stay tuned for more.