Navy Community Relations

The United States Navy does its part in the community on a regular basis. Whenever a command finds time to help out, it always turns out great. I’ve been serving in the US Navy for about 19 year. The Navy has been good to me. The moments when I can give something back to the community is very satisfying. I can remember in my younger days when it didn’t matter so much to me. Now that I’m much more mature, helping clean up a nature park is kind of fun. 

AT1 Hunter waiting for safety brief.

Motivated first class petty officer AT1 Hunter along with MM1 Brewington put together a very successful community relations event for the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN72 (aircraft carrier). It takes these type of sailor to make the Navy what it is today. In the picture above, AT1 Hunter awaits the safety brief given by Ranger Robert Waugh (Ranger Bob). He anticipates a large group of motivated sailors ready for work.

Instructions from Ranger Bob.

Ranger Bob instructs sailor on their safety at Sandy Bottom Nature Park. This allows sailors to contribute to the cleanup of the park in a safe environment. Ranger Bob is a retired sailor. This makes the cleanup even more special. Helping a fellow sailor puts the exclamation point at the end of our day.

On a chilly day ready for work.

The Ranger truck at the beginning of the trails.

Fun with MM1 Brewington.

Sailors walking through the littered trails. There was all types of trash throughout the park. With the USS Abraham Lincoln's help, the park look better than ever.

Someone lost their shopping cart or had a shopping accident.

With AS2 Woodard's bright ideas, the cart was remove from the pond with no problems.

AT1 Hunter gather pounds of trash bag filled by what sailor found in the park.

All of this trash was in the nature park. Thanks to USS Abraham Lincoln, the Sandy Bottom Nature Park is clean.