iPhone 5 Unboxing And First Thoughts

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Everyone on the Internet has probably done an unboxing for there iPhone 5 today. I wasn't going to do one because I don't usually do them. I came up with the idea of letting Alissa do the honors. I have to admit, she made me nervous a few times. With a little team work from my little one, we got it done. Maybe I'll make here a permanent partner in unboxings.

Of course, I have many good thoughts about the new iPhone 5 but lets talk a little about my dislikes. I figured we will go to the dislikes to keep this post kind of short. First of all, the Maps app that everyone has been talking about really does suck. But didn't the last one suck too? I don't like the app but it is better than the last one. I hope Apple will look into fixing this highly anticipated app. And umm...

Who am I kidding? This phone is awesome!!!! I can't sit here and criticize a high quality product because I am greedy for more options. The camera is great! It feels great in my hands! I almost thinking of skipping the purchase of a case because it so nice. The headphones are great!!! (anyone want to buy my Bose in ear headphone?) The charging cable is brilliant! Okay...  That's enough for now.

What do you think of the new iPhone 5? Did you get one? Did you wait in line or did you pre-order?