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Insta-Tips for Instagram  

I’m sure, by now, you all are somewhat familiar with the popular photo sharing app Instagram. I believe what has made Instagram very popular is the ability to share images in many different ways using filters. Until now, Instagram was exclusive to iPhone users making many Android users a little curious. Some people refuse to see Instagram as an important Social Media network. Some people also seem to think, snapping unartistic photographs of anything and putting tons of filters on them is pointless and stupid.

Facebook recently purchased Instagram for $1 Billion...  Some people are really upset about this because they are afraid that Facebook will somehow mess up a good thing. I’m excited about it because I feel that Facebook will leave much of Instagram the way it is, but add more Facebook integration. More Social is better!

I think Instagram is a fun and easy way of sharing the images I take when I’m not around my DSLR. I’m always snapping photos of my kids while playing at the park or just out and about. I also believe using my iPhone for photos keep my artistic eye exercised. Using Instagram to share is an advantage because it’s socially connected.



Believe it or not...  There are still some people that have yet to use Instagram. Here are some Insta-tips if you are new or want to improve your Insta-photos.

  • Use angles. Holding your phone at an angle when shooting your subject will give a different perspective to the viewers. Experiment with several angles as you shoot. Angle the phone towards or away, up or down to get different views.
  • Shoot in the light. Light is the key to all photography! So, shooting where there is little or no light is the enemy of phone photography. If you have to, use a flashlight or a lamp to light your subject.
  • Don’t use the phone flash. Yes, I know most camera phones have flash. In my opinion the LED flash that most camera phones come with are too harsh and is located far too close to the lens. This will result in harsh lighting on any photo using this LED flash. It is probably better to use another phone as a flashlight to light your subject.
  • Know where you camera app is. You never want to be in a situation where you can’t find where you put the camera app and miss a priceless moment. I keep my camera apps on my home page where I can easily find them.
  • Use editing apps. Use editing apps to filter your images just the way you want. I strongly recommend Snapseed to get the look you want.
  • Don’t post garbage. Only post images that are ‘post worthy’! The better your images the bigger your following will be.
  • Post often. Keep your followers interested by posting on a regular basis.
  • Stay engaged. 'Like' other Instagrammers images and post comments. Instagrammers are more likely to look at your photos if you are looking at theirs. Just like any other Social Media, staying engaged is the key to being social.

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Never forget to have fun with creating your images!

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