How I Got The Shot: Dunk Drama


How I Got The Shot  



Because of the amount of people asking how I got this shot, I decided to write about how I get certain shots. I will try to post an HIGTS each week, so keep an eye out for the new series of posts HOW I GOT THE SHOT (HIGTS).


With the help of amazing model/athlete, Art Stroman and my assistant Mark Deguzman, this shot was possible but not easy. Luckily, Art is in great shape considering how many times he had to dunk the ball. I found myself working against the clock because the sun was about to disappear. Timing was the key in this one, so just imagine how many shots it took. For me, this one was it!

I used my Nikon D700 with the shutter of 1/500 sec at f 4.5 focal length 36mm through a 24-70mm Nikon lens. I continued to lay on the court in duck poop as Art dunked several times. Yes...  I did say poop! Whatever it takes huh. It was actually kind of cool because I am an aging ball player myself, and I am a big fan of the dunk (I could never dunk). As we race against the sun, Mark was able to get the Nikon SB900 angled just right as this dunk was performed.


I give big props to Art and Mark because this would not have happened without them! Thanks Guys!