Google+ Communities / by Algernon Parker


Google+ Communities

Do you use Google+? Google+ is becoming a dominate force in social media. If you use social media to network or self-promote, you should be using Google+. It has become as important or maybe more important than Facebook and Twitter. I am definitely keeping a presence in Google+. (Period looks weird coming after the word Google+)

Last week, Google released a significant addition to Google+. Google+ now has communities. Much like Facebook’s groups, communities for Google+ are places where people with similar interest can get together. In my opinion, Google+ communities have a different feel than Facebook groups. There is sort of a forum feel to it. You are able to set up categories in which to have discussions. I think this is great for organizing conversations. The ability to manage your members and discussion really reminds me of a forums. By definition, it is a forum.

Later last week, an updated Google+ app for iOS and Android was released. The experience I've had on my iPad with Google+ makes me want to use it more. Now that Google+ communities have come to the iPad, I'm constantly on it. I spend more time on the iPad app than I do on the website. The different categories are there. You can add photos and videos to your communities. You can view members but you have to go to the web to manage members. The app brings a nice experience to Google+.

Being able to pull up all the Google+ communities, that you are a part of, is a huge plus. You can control your notifications as well. Turn notifications on for the important communities. In my opinion, Google+ communities is a great addition. My time on Google+ will probably be spent in communities. Here’s the Digital Photography Era community to get you started. See you there.

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 6.18.41 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 6.18.41 PM