Bitcasa for Backup

Bitcasa Drive

 I’ve always been looking for the perfect backup strategy for my files and images. I’ve bought many external hard drives. I’ve also tried to archive images on DVD. As technology advances, I see many things going away. I don’t really use CDs anymore.

They seem to be a thing of the past.

Backup Choices

  • DVDs or CDs was once my first choice of backup. I used to make two separate sets of backups. I would backup my original files and my derivative files. So, I had a full CD case. This takes up physical space and takes a lot of time to burn the disks. The CD method became impractical really fast.
  • External Hard Drives, I felt were always simpler. I have a few that I use to backup my images. I also use external drives for my working image files. The paranoia of them crashing can be very irritating. Although the price of external drive are decreasing, having a couple of them on my desk takes up space.
  • Cloud Storage is the new kid on the block. Many people get confused when the cloud is mentioned. People also worry about security, when it comes to putting information online. When people think of the cloud, they think clouds. Clouds are in the sky and free for anyone to see. This may be the wrong name to give an external hard drive online. Cloud storage is nothing other than remote hard drives used for storage.


I have tried many cloud services for freeing up space on my computers. Bitcasa seems to have grabbed my attention because of the speed and the ability to replacephysical hard drives all together. The price also caught my eye because it was cheaper than the 4TB hard drivethat I was about to buy for extra backup space. For $99 I was able to get an infinite amount of space for a year. Yes...  I said infinite! An infinite amount of space for data is unheard of, until now. I did my research and it all seems to be legit. This service takes zero space on my system. Everything is somehow streamed when you need it, sort of like Netflix or Hulu. So, I tried it out as another backup. At first I had started to quickly regret my purchase of this infinite drive. I picked out my files that I wanted to backup. Started to upload them and every wifi device in my house immediately began to loose connection or connect extremely slow. Bitcasa was eating up all the bandwidth.

Bitcasa Drive

Bitcasa Drive

This told me that I had to try to upload a little at a time. I finally got everything uploaded and its great. I can use Bitcasa just like an external hard drive without the worries of taking up any local space. The iOS app is really nice, but I haven’t had much time to play with it. A streaming hard drive...  I like it. I will probably try to use my Bitcasa drive with Lightroom next. It seems like a good idea. If it works, then I’m

completely sold and may not buy anymore external hard drives. Of course, Bitcasa is not my only backup. Being a photographer, I’m naturally paranoid about my files. Bitcasa seems to be cool so far. Stay tuned for more...