A New Way To Share: Apple Photo Stream

Josh 346

For Apple users, photo sharing has become easier than ever. Apple has recently added the ability to share Photo Streams on iOS devices and Mac OS X. With this new feature in iOS 6, your kids photos can easily be shared with family. Once someone is subscribed to your Shared Photo Stream, they will receive all photos you share to that stream. The iCloud makes all your photos available from anywhere.


The features of Shared Photo Stream are slightly different from any other photo sharing sites. The ability to share groups of photos in Photo Stream is very useful to photographers. The features of this sharing option makes Photo Stream more than just a backup for your images.

Like Button

Feedback is one of the best ways to gauge how much your viewers like your photographs. The "Like" button has been great for Facebook. The Facebook "Like" button is everywhere. It provides feedback for what you post on Facebook. Photo Stream has it's own version of the "Like" button. The "Like" button is a key tool to get feedback for what you decide to share.




Comments has always been a great way to receive feedback for what you post. With your Shared Photo Stream, your audience is allowed to leave comments. You can monitor and delete comments that you don't want posted. A comment can be left on a photo that describes the photo. It is also easier for family to leave comment of the photos that you share. Family photo sharing has gotten much easier.

Web Link

If you want to share with someone that doesn't have an iOS or Apple device, a web link makes it simple to share with them. You are able to copy and email a web link provided on your iOS device or by iPhoto. The web version of your Photo Stream has a great layout. The photos are listed by date and grouped as they are shared. Photo Stream creates it's own photo sharing website that's to the point and looks decent. Having an option to share without an iOS device is very useful.




Your Photo Streams can be viewed on all Apple products. This is one of the thing that draws me to Apple. The Apple ecosystem just works. Because your images are in the iCloud, they are always available for viewing.

iOS Devices

iPhone, iPod, and iPad are devices that can control your stream. You can edit your share lists by adding people to it or deleting them from it. You can also edit your comments on these devices. Any photographs taken with these devices are automatically uploaded to your Photo Stream but you add them to your Shared Photo Stream. iOS devices are key in sharing your images across the iCloud.


iMac, MacBook Pro, etc. are useful for controlling what's in your stream at your desk. Using iPhoto or Aperture to upload and share is simple. I have Photo Streams that I add from photo shoots using Aperture. The great part about this is you can edit your images in Photoshop or whatever editing software you use, then load them to your Photo Stream right from your Mac.

Apple TV

It's always exciting to see your images in high definition on the big screen. Using your Apple ID, log into your Photo Stream to view or show off your work. Viewing your portfolio on an HDTV is made easy using Photo Stream.

I think Photo Stream hasn't received much attention since Shared Photo Streams were added. I think it has been overlooked or overshadowed by other features and complaints. It's a feature of iOS and Mac OS X that I haven't taken for granted. I use it to share images with my mother, my wife, coworker, friends; and I've just started to look into showing portfolio type work. There's nothing like always having a portfolio ready to show. Take a look at your Photo Stream and start sharing!