Katie and Michael

I truly had plenty of fun with Katie and Michael Orton. Their sense of humor is off the charts, which made things easier for me. Always laughing and joking, that sums up their personalities. Their personalities are really highlighted in every photo. This engagement shoot was pure fun. A great attitude and humor equals photos like these engagement shoot images. 


Katie and Michael were also very patient. While Mark (assistant) and I were setting up lighting and moving equipment, the loving couple were keeping themselves occupied. These guys were a great couple to work with!


And then...  The wedding

Shortly after the engagement shoot, there was much preparations for the wedding.   

The Dress and the Shoes. 

Getting ready for the ceremony. 


Chief Orton ready to rock! 

The ceremony is an unforgettable moment for a couple like Katie and Michael. Face to face the couple exchange vow or promises that ensure their commitment to each other. 

Tender moment


Happily Ever After!

I hope AEparker Photography was able to provide memorable moments to last a lifetime. I know I had a great time with these two. Michael is a comedian and Katie has a great sense of humor. These guys are made for each other! I really wish them the best as the move out of the area!