Featured Products

At Algernon Parker Photography we strive to bring quality, style, and enjoyment to each and every product delivered. Quality is most important, because I want to put a product into clients’ hands that screams artistic value. When I think of a product that I feel is a high quality, I think of an Apple product. As a photographer in Wilmington NC, I want each of my products to be thought of as artistically valuable.

One of our featured products is ThinWrap Float Mount Prints. They are stylish, frameless, and look great hanging on the wall. Each comes with a foam layer soft top to add dimension to the artwork. They can be printed with Lustre, Metallic, or Giclée Canvas. The Algernon Parker Photography default is Metallic print. The mounting blocks make it easy to hang and become that art piece you’ve been missing. They add great floating effect to your wall art. The mounting blocks also come with pads to minimize wall damage. For smaller (non-wall art) prints, a desk size or table size easel is included. This looks great on end tables or office desks.

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