Concerns of Wedding Planning

Bridal Session at the Bellamy Mansion

Wedding planning can be one of the most difficult tasks for many young brides to be. So many times wedding planning is not taken as seriously as it should. Moments after a wedding many couples look back and wish things could have been different. Even years later, as the memories of that special day start to fade, a couple may look for something to reminisce. As a photographer, I want to be able to help a bride prepare for the day that will create lasting memories.

A future bride’s typical wedding plan consists of three vital concerns; which are theme, memory, and experience. The important parts of planning for beautiful memories are not about the cake, dress, venue, or guest. Of course, those things matter and are a part of planning but not the most important. The more important aspects of wedding planning are the theme, memory, and experience.

Focusing on the things that make you feel happy, excited, and alive is key to planning a great wedding. Planning for the experience involves planning for a certain mindset. The experience of a wedding is the overall feeling of the day. No one wants to have a bad wedding day, so focusing on the feeling of this day helps. One of the things that could make wedding planning very stressful is the budget. The average cost of a wedding here in Wilmington, NC is $25,669, according to (Cost of Wedding, 2015). That’s a huge price tag in today’s economy. Staying below the predetermined budget is very important to having an experience that is memorable.

The theme of a wedding is very important because it is a visual representation of that day. Deciding on a wedding theme is where the cake, dress, color, and venue is important. There are many ways to inspire a great wedding theme. Sometimes when searching for photography inspiration, I turn to the internet. In her book Style Me Pretty Weddings, Abby Larson state that “the most exciting inspiration can be found in the most unexpected of places: a gown round-up from Oscar night, images from favorite travel sites, ideas found on home décor blogs, Web swatches of ribbons and fabrics, prints and patterns you can find through online art galleries. Digital inspiration is a constant, never-ending stream that can easily flip your vision on its head, confusing and frustrating you with every new idea” (Larson, 2012). I have always looked for a real use for the social media site Pinterest. Pinterest has become on of my go-to sources for inspiration. Using pictures from the internet for inspiration can be frustrating as well. After a while of looking at all of the beautiful images, you feel the stress of trying to live up to what you see. As a photographer, I know that these images are polished to look their best when displayed online.

The memory of a wedding day is one that should last and consist of stories that will be remembered for years. Photographers provide the documentation of the memories for the wedding day. Hiring vendors for a wedding can be another stressor of a wedding. Wedding vendors include wedding planners, venues, florists, make-up and hair, and photographers. The photographer is a vendor who, at first, seems unimportant. A lot of brides tend to cheat themselves with this important part of creating a lasting memory. “A photographer is one of the most important parts of your wedding celebration because you will have the photographs as your wedding memories for the rest of your life” (2015). Of course, the venues, food, and cake are important. After the celebration is over, the venue will be forgotten. Twenty years later, no one will remember how the food or cake tasted. The photo album, provided by the photographer, is what will spark all of those memories from twenty years ago. The average price for wedding photography is $2814, according to SnapKnot (2015). The memories are the most important aspect of wedding planning. The theme and experience planning helps create those memories. It is the photographer’s responsibility to document the theme and experience to preserve precious memories.

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