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Document Experiences of a lifetime through the art of photography!

Miriah & Corey Downtown Wilmington

Hey there!

I’m Algernon Parker, a Wilmington, NC Wedding Photographer.

I’m Algernon Parker, a Wilmington, NC Wedding Photographer. I enjoy seeing the world differently. I have had the pleasure of traveling to some exotic places as I learned the art of photography. Serving my country in the US Navy gave me this opportunity to see the world in different ways. Many deployments kept me away from my family, and I even missed the birth of my daughter. I was actually in my shop onboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower when she was born. I remember the email from my mother-in-law. I was worried because of a small complication with oxygen. When floating in the ocean, many of the small things in life seem like huge things. About four months later, I was about to meet her for the first time. It was truly an amazing experience. Learning the art of photography provided a way to document her happiness, while not on the Navy’s time.

As I closed that chapter of my life, my passion remains in the art of photography. I spent a lot of my 20 years in the Navy in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Now settling in Wilmington NC, I'm bringing my artistic vision to weddings, seniors, and other areas of the art of photography. I continue to see things differently and find the beauty in life. Family means a lot to me and always kept me going during my time away. Photographing people during their happy and emotional times makes me smile. Knowing that there’s a moment that they will remember because I was a part of documenting particular times warms my soul.

I've dedicated 20 years of my life to the United States Navy. The same dedication goes into documenting the experiences of a lifetime through the art of photography, capturing every romantic moment as if it were my special day and displaying the relationships as if I were involved. Showing the moments of family interactions as if it were my family is a high priority. Making your special day unforgettable by delivering keepsakes and heirlooms that will last for generations to come is my mission. Algernon Parker Photographer has the vision to change how people in the digital era think of photography by demonstrating the value of life’s special moments.